Race Results




Run Like the Finn 5k December 31– No official timing- 24:51

Lansing Turkeyman Trot November 24 5k- 24:44

Meridian Plumbing’s Fight Hunger 5k- 23:17

Grand Island Trail Half Marathon– 1:54:54

Iola Trail Run 5k April 17th, snow covered trails- 33:20


mBank Noque Half Marathon (freestyle ski)- 1:21:42, 2nd in age group, 10th female overall

Door County Half Marathon– 1:49:24, 12th in age group, 49th out of 612 females overall

Run the Keweenaw– 5.8km Hill Climb, 33:27.2, 6th in age group, 14th female overall; 12km trail run, 55:35.28th in age group, 11th female overall; 25k trail run, 2:15:22.2, 10th in age group, 15th female overall

12 Hours of Potluck- Held onto 4th place and dropped 10 hours in due to upcoming marathon.

Grand Island Trail Marathon– August 1, 4:39:12 3rd in age group, 30th out of 97 women overall

Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic– 28 miles August 14, 2:08:42 11th in age group, 78 out of 297 women overall

Chicago MarathonOctober 10, 4:12:27…with pretty much no training since August 1. Best “feeling” race in years though!

Michigan Tech Muck Run October 30 25:06, 5th in age group, 7th out of 54 women overall


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